Natural Stone Flooring Types Guide

Natural Stone Flooring Types. The most common types of natural stone flooring are marble, travertine, limestone, granite, quartzite, slate, and sandstone. Natural stone flooring as part of a home’s overall design “refreshing or replacing flooring is often money well spent to improve your home’s appearance and functionality,” says van etten.

Natural Stone Flooring Types Guide
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2 ideas for natural stone flooring: This type of stone flooring is porous and reacts instantly to acidic substances, so it will stain with liquids such as lemon juice or wine.

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It has good abrasion resistance and high durability if it has been correctly cut. Ad stone touch is your complete source for floor care, maintenance and restoration.

Natural Stone Flooring Types Guide

Shop by types of flooring.Types of stone tiles made from natural materials.But natural stone is not a simple sell, according to one expert.Types of stone flooring tile include marble, granite, and sandstone (among literally dozens of others).

Slate is another form of metamorphic rock that consists of silica alumina and iron oxide.It is easily split into layers that provide a rugged rustic look.Here’s what you need to know:Slate is a metamorphic rock that was transformed from a sedimentary rock through years of natural heat and compression.

To protect travertine flooring, owners must apply a stone sealer on a regular basis.Natural stone is a product of nature, offering vast differences in composition, color and texture, even among pieces from the same source.This epic natural stone guide sets out the different types of stone, benefits of natural stone, cost ranges and applications for each type.1 ideas for natural stone flooring:

Limestone is very similar to travertine, but harder and more durable over time.5 best types of stone flooring for house are 1.Natural stone flooring finishes types of natural stone flooring slate.Slate, marble, limestone, travertine, and granite are the natural stones that are most frequently used for flooring.

We are now a leading supplier of natural stone, porcelain, terracotta, handmade and reclaimed tiles, along with our own range of.One of its many advantages is its timeless elegance.Marble is a mountain stone made of calcium carbonate with admixtures of various organic compounds.Floors of stone have been selling high quality stone flooring since 2007, originally supplying affordable natural stone kitchen tiles to our sister company devol kitchens, established in 1989.

There are quite a few types of tile for flooring—the most common being stone, ceramic, porcelain, and cement (ok, and linoleum, but that’s not particularly common in homes anymore).Natural stone flooring is commonly used to create a sense of space.