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Papers 3 – Power, simplified

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Since the Papers 2 release over two years ago, new features and updates have been shipped frequently. In the spirit of ongoing innovation, we wanted to take it one step further, and truly rethink how to streamline one’s research work with Papers. We hope you like the outcome of our work.

After many months of development, some very significant organizational changes, and a particularly busy summer, we are proud to announce Papers 3. The first thing you will notice is the new, completely redesigned, user interface for your new library of research. While the app looks different, we think you will like how we have restructured the way in which Papers presents your work.

Simple, yet powerful interface

With Papers 3 you enjoy a cleaner, simpler interface, with a much more powerful engine behind it. By taking the source list and only presenting the information that is relevant to the task you are carrying out, Papers 3 is cleaner but more feature rich. We have introduced a navigation bar at the top of the program where you can switch from your library mode to search, or reading mode, among others. For each mode, the relevant functions are presented. In the library mode, for example, you have a complete overview of your collections, while when in the reading mode, tabs are shown for the articles you are currently reading. Toggle between each one for seamless, organized workflow progression. By allowing you to focus on one task at a time, we’ve also managed to add more organization tools, like organizing your papers using keywords.

Revolutionary syncing

The new user interface is however just the beginning. With Papers 3 we also introduce Dropbox based syncing. To support syncing your library between all your devices, we have engineered a clever system of handling multiple devices communicating with your library in a way that works across Mac, iOS and Windows versions of Papers. This means that sync will now happen in the background, automatically, without you having to give it a second thought. Add articles to Papers on your iPad or iPhone, annotate them, maybe even delete an article, and by the time you get home or to your office the changes will have synced to your desktop. Better yet, make some changes to your library in Papers for Windows, and for the first time it is possible to sync it with Papers on your iPad or iPhone.

Just like that… sync is revolutionary.

Automatic PDF download, improved meta data fetching, phenomenal supplementary file handling and viewing are just the beginning. Discover all new features in Papers 3 for your Mac by downloading the free trial.

Enjoy using Papers!

- The Papers team

Spring Cleaning: 30% off this week

Monday, April 15th, 2013

This week we are doing something we have never done before. We are offering 30% off on Papers for Mac, Win, and iOS.

There is a lot to celebrate!

We have never before discounted the Papers desktop app, so why now? We are celebrating the new Papers for Windows release, now including full annotations support. We also have a Papers for Mac update with bug fixes and improvements. Aside from now being able to highlight, underline, and take notes right on the PDF, Papers for Windows is much faster than it was before. This is thanks to the performance updates included in this new release.

Papers is now even more equipped to help you do some spring cleaning, and get your library of research in order for next term. The special discount is a one-time discount and available for a limited time only, from Monday April 15th until the end of the day on Friday April 19th 2013.

As you can see, we have been busy behind the scenes to make Papers even better. In addition to bringing annotations to the Windows version, we have added more annotations options on the Mac version as well.  On both Mac and Windows versions you can also underline and strikethrough, in addition to the other annotations options you were used to on Papers for Mac. If you are syncing your library between your Mac and PC, your annotations will sync between the two as well. To showcase the new features on Papers for Windows, we also created a short video.

Enjoy the new improvements to Papers!

~ The Papers Team

Springing Forward: 1350 New Citation Styles

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

When Papers joined Springer recently, we promised this would enable us to move Papers forward.  While we have been working hard behind the scenes to keep this promise, we are also proud to announce that Papers now added 1350 new citation styles to the existing CSL list. This means that Papers now also supports all Springer citation styles, in addition to the thousands of other styles already supported.

Whether you are preparing a manuscript to be submitted to any Springer journal, or a journal from another publisher, Papers is only getting better at helping you prepare those final steps before submission. While Papers can’t write the manuscript for you, it certainly can format it for you, in more than 4100 different styles.

More Magic from Magic Citations

Magic Citations has become far more powerful and… magical with the additional 1350 new citation styles, but there are a few other things you may not yet know about Magic Citations. Did you know you can:

See all resources cited in a manuscript

By navigating to the Manuscripts section in Papers, and selecting a manuscript followed by clicking on ‘Citations’ in the inspector window. You can now view each of the resources cited in the selected manuscript.

Generate a collection from the resources cited in a manuscript

Did you decide you would have liked to create a collection of the articles cited in your latest manuscript after you finished writing it? Don’t worry, you do not need to add the resources to a collection one by one as you are writing. When you are finished writing, create a manual collection first. Then you can select all the resources cited in the manuscript in the inspector window. Use the description above to find where all the citations are kept together. Once selected, drag and drop them all at once into the manual collection.

Enjoy the improved and expanded Magic Citations!

~ The Papers Team

Papers Springing into the Future

Monday, November 5th, 2012

A little more than 5 years ago Papers was born in between Alex’s PhD and postdoc. It was a simple application designed to do one thing very well: organize your scientific PDFs, in a way very similar to how iTunes organizes your music files. But like iTunes, we have steadily grown Papers to do much more. And with each new version of the program, we realize how much more we could do, and what potential Papers has to help researchers even more.

But there is only so much a small team like ours can do, and a day really only has 24 hours. It hurts having to say no to really good ideas, or having to delay new releases when other things demand priority.

With the increasing user base, the demands on our small team continue to grow. We have been committed to excellence in development and support for Papers, and we have many ambitious plans for the future. The reality is that the enthusiasm for Papers from the community at times catches up with us, forcing us to look for ways to improve the way we handle support and develop new features.

While we were not looking for a partner, an opportunity arose where we could get the support we need to continue to meet the high expectations we have for Papers. We embraced this opportunity, and we are very excited to announce that Papers is taking a big leap into the future!

We are becoming part of the Springer family.

The fit was a natural one, and we believe that by becoming part of Springer we will be able to offer our users so much more: we can take Papers to the next level, but much faster than on our own. Backed by the second largest scientific publisher we will be able to add features quicker, react faster, provide better support, and open up a realm of new possibilities.

The Mekentosj team will remain in charge of Papers, and continue to develop Papers for each of the platforms we currently support: Mac, PC, and iOS. We will continue to bring you updates, new features, and support. All with the same dedication and excitement you are used to getting from us.

You may still have some questions after reading this news. We are happy to answer them at any time, and you email us. However, your question may already be answered in this Q&A we prepared related to this news.

We are excited about the future of Papers, and we believe that with this new chapter we are able to bring you an even better experience.

~ The Mekentosj Team

Time flies… Papers2 1st anniversary!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Time flies when you’re having fun they say. I just cannot believe it is 1 year ago already that we launched Papers2 for Mac on the 8th of March 2011. And what a ride it has been since!

In hindsight, and after having been fortunate to have had that experience as well last year, I often tell people that the launch of Papers2 was just like getting a baby. You think that all the work towards the due date is the hard bit, but you quickly discover that the hard work only starts when the baby is out. And the same was true for Papers2, we worked day and night for over 2 years towards the release, but after that 8th of March the hard work really started.

We were ecstatic with the enthusiastic reactions and excitement of our users, and so happy to finally being able to show everybody what we had been cooking. But there was also the dark side of features still missing from Papers1, changes we made that not everybody liked, bugs and crashes we had missed, etc. We got swamped with feedback and comments, and the next 10 months resembled what can perhaps be best described as white water rafting: we knew we could not change the wild ride we were in, but we did know that we needed to paddle as hard as possible to improve the shortcomings and give it our everything to make all users happy. Over the last year we have delivered a total of 18 (!) updates, and addressed many of the initial problems and missing features [1]. And like after a successful white water rafting experience, it does feel awesome to look back and see where we have come from and the fun it has been.

Completely rewriting an app that is loved by so many users is hard, changing things because you feel it can be done better is risky. Did we make the right judgement? Were people not too used to the way it worked before? Did we pick the right technology? Which big new features should we have focussed on? Some of the decisions worked out really well, for example Magic Manuscripts, the revolutionary new way of citing articles, or the support for many new document types, but others we missed. A good example is the blue tokens to search your favorite repositories. I wrote this feature originally for Paper1 because I always thought that searching should work this way instead of using cryptic tags and codes. And while people seemed to like it, they rarely mentioned this very explicitly in their feedback. So we decided that the blue tokens could be delayed till after the 2.0 and we didn’t expect too many complaints. Boy were we wrong!

With the return of many of the missing parts in Papers 2.1 last december we finally arrived in calmer waters. That is not to say that we’re all done with bringing back missing Papers1 features or fixing bugs, but the time has arrived that we can start looking forward and also focus on adding those features that the new foundation of Papers2 will finally allow us to [2].

To end with a phrase stolen from Apple’s new iPad event yesterday: there’s a lot to look forward to this year.

On behalf of everybody here at Mekentosj.com, many thanks for your enthusiasm and excitement, critical feedback, great suggestions, helpful reports, necessary patience, but above all your relentless support!

Enjoy Papers!

~ Alex

PS. If you want to hear more about Papers, the ideas, the future, etc. Checkout this recent interview at literature review HQ.

[1] And not to forget, released a Windows version of Papers!

[2] If you would like us to build the next set of revolutionary features in Papers, we’re looking for talented Cocoa developers, make sure to contact us!

A Serial for a Style

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

You may or may not know it, but Papers relies on the fantastic styles provided by the Citation Style Language (CSL) repository to support formatting of your manuscript in hundreds of different styles (more than 1700 in Papers 2.1.8). Despite this large choice, your favorite journal may not be listed there. The best way to get this repository to grow further and cover more fields of research is to get more people to contribute new styles.

In a post on our support pages we show you how to create your own CSL style. A few of you have been adventurous enough to give it a try and have produced new CSL styles for their own use. We helped a few of you as well in the process, and for the first time in Papers 2.1.8, have added new styles that were the fruit of that labor. But there were only a handful of these, and we know there must be dozens more out there, ready to be added to the list.

To boost the process, and provide more incentives to the CSL creators out there, we have decided to start a new initiative, “A Serial for a Style”. The idea is very simple: if you create a CSL style and contribute it to the CSL style repository, we’ll give you a free Papers2 serial number. That’s one of the way we also want to give back to the CSL community.

Here are the specific rules:

- The style must be new – not a duplicate of an existing style
- Your name and email must be in the author or contributor field of the style – we want you to take full ownership (with great power, comes great responsibility, yada, yada)
- The style must use the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) – that’s the only allowed license in the repository, so that all software can freely use the styles, including Papers
- The style must contain a URL that links back to instructions to authors, or some other authoritative document
- The style must have been submitted to the official CSL repository – please follow the instructions on the CSL wiki, as we want you to make it as easy as possible to the CSL folks that maintain the repository. This means among other things that the style needs to be written in valid CSL version 1.0.
- 1 serial maximum awarded per style – thus, only one contributor per style will get the serial

We also recognize some of you might want to contribute more than one style. We also want to encourage that, but we have to be reasonable in the number of serials we can give away, so here is the rule we will apply:

-1 style –> 1 serial
- 5 styles –> 2 serials
- 10 styles –> 3 serials
- 15 styles –> 4 serials
- …_etc_… with each additional 5 styles corresponding to one additional serial

The above rules are informal, not a binding contract. We just make here a promise that we will award the serials based on contributions to the CSL repository. You just have to trust we will honor our promise. In return, please do not abuse the system and the rules. Finally, note that we don’t know yet for how long we will run this initiative: it might be limited in time.

Papers like you’ve never seen before: Papers 2.1

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Papers 2.1 release

When we launched Papers2 in March we knew we still had quite a bit of ground to cover. In March you saw the results of two years of hard work by an amazing team of people.

Although Papers2 might have looked familiar, it was built completely from scratch.

The reason for doing this was so we would be able to make Papers even better in the future, laying the groundwork for some awesome features like the new annotation support in Papers 2.1 and many others that are still to come. The downside is that some of the Papers1 features you were used to, did not make it for the release deadline in March.

We could not just move around some code to bring all Papers1 features to Papers2. Because we were working from the ground up, the foundation that had to be build to accommodate some technically challenging features was very different from Papers1. You can’t build a Cadillac on the framework for a Beetle, and we could not create the features we wanted on top of the Papers1 foundation.

Although there were some technical challenges to be overcome, we promised it was just a matter of time before we brought back all the Papers1 features to Papers2. We knew the blue search tokens were sorely missed, and when we build unified search we also had to do some more work to bring back the search tokens.

Now, it is time for a new Papers2 experience: Papers 2.1

If you were waiting to switch from Papers1 to Papers2 because you could not imagine your workflow without the blue search tokens, then we’d love to welcome you to a new and improved Papers experience. Searching multiple repositories at once with unified search, and using search tokens to refine your query, guarantees you will find the exact papers you want, faster.

When libraries grow, duplications are a common occurrence. We made it easy to bring organization to your library with author merging in Papers1, and now this feature is back again in Papers2.1. Some Papers1 features are still missing, such as journal merging, papers archives, and recent papers for authors and journals. These are still on their way, and will make their Papers2 debut in Papers2.2. You can stay on top of what is coming next on our roadmap.

Aside from bringing familiar features back, we have worked on expanding the number of features in Papers2.

Annotation support was high on the wish list. If it was on your wish list as well, then Santa came early this year because we’ve made annotations a reality for Papers2.1. Not only can you highlight (in different colors!) and add notes anywhere in the text, but your annotations sync with Papers for iPad and iPhone. We believe highlighting and annotating in Papers should be faster than grabbing a highlighter and taking it to a printed article. That is why any text you select with your mouse while holding the command key is automatically highlighted. You can, but do not have to, right-click to select the “highlight” option. Equally simple is note taking: hold the command key and double click anywhere in the article to add a note.

We could go on and on about all the great features we have brought back, and the new ones we have created, but instead we would like to invite you to testdrive them yourself. Download a free 30-day trial of Papers 2.1.

Enjoy Papers2.1!
the mekentosj team

A Papers2 Makeover

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Academia can be a treacherous environment, but the promise of unexpected discoveries and groundbreaking research make it only ever more exciting.

Usually we know where we can expect complications to come from; contaminated samples, unexpectedly fast grant-proposal deadline, or uncooperative university administrators. However, sometimes the most shocking dangers surface from unexpected places. One such place can be the weight and magnitude of our library. Yes, knowledge does get heavy, and at times too heavy for office furniture.

Here is a picture of one prominent researcher’s desk as he encountered it one fine morning this week, collapsed under the weight of his library of articles.

Pre-Papers2 Chaos and desctruction

Pre-Papers2 chaos & destruction

Of course the obvious solution was a Papers2 makeover. Now, office furniture remains in tact, notes can be searched and found within seconds, the library can be shared with colleagues across the hall, and organization prevails.

The Papers2 makeover 'after' picture

The Papers2 makeover 'after' picture

Papers Livfe, is Live!

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Papers Livfe

The Papers2 release was much anticipated, and without question in great part because of Papers Livfe. With the response to the Papers2 release being even more successful than anticipated, we ran into scaling concerns with Livfe. To ensure all users would have a troublefree experience taking their libraries Livfe, we made the decision to allow access to users in stages, after we made some more adjustments to the system.

Once it became clear we could not open up Livfe right after releasing Papers2, the team worked around the clock to get Livfe ready for the large influx of users. We are thrilled to finally say Livfe is live!

What’s Livfe all about?
If you have not used Livfe yourself yet, you might be wondering what Livfe really is all about. With Papers Livfe, you can create collections of papers you share with colleagues and friends. Collections can also be made public and shared with the world.

Livfe takes collaborations to a whole new level: working on a paper with a colleague across the world? Share a collection of references important for your work. Sharing can also take the shape of journal clubs or study groups, and Livfe is perfect for this as well. Any collection can become a Livfe collection and shared with any other Papers2 user. Through reviews and comments you can share your thoughts about each article with the other members of your collection.

How Livfe helps you share
Using Papers Livfe you share collections, and your personal reviews for the articles in your collection, with other Papers Livfe users. One central question users have been asking us is whether the PDF files associated with your library entries are shared. Unfortunately, there is no way we can share PDF files through Livfe for copyright reasons. What is shared in Livfe is the metadata for all the articles in your Livfe collection. Other members of your collection are lead to the publishers website to import the PDF themselves.

Our Livfe introduction
Livfe speaks for itself, and doesn’t need too much of an introduction, but we’ve created one anyways.
Enjoy Livfe!
the Mekentosj team

Check out our growing Livfe FAQ and upcoming tutorials. Still have questions about Livfe? Make use of our support system to ask us.

We would love to hear how you are using Papers Livfe in the comments

2 years in the making, 85,000 lines of passion

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

What a ride it has been, from the day we released the first public preview of Papers it was clear where we wanted to go, and today is an important milestone on this journey.

Today we launch Papers2, a project 2 years in the making, in which we poured our heart and soul and gave everything we got. Yes, we; mekentosj has grown into an amazing team of talented people that is just an absolutely joy to work with. We’re spread over 6 locations, we’re all very different, but what we share is a passion for this product and for making an awesome user experience.

Will Papers2 be perfect, absolutely not, will it do everything you have wished for, absolutely not. But you can bet we’ll give it our everything to make it so in the time to come. Above all we hope that despite the glitches, bugs, and missing features, what shows through is that Papers2 represents the next step in this incredible story.

Enjoy Papers2!
the mekentosj team