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Good Things Come in Batches

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

It has been over a year since the momentous Papers 2 release, and we have certainly been busy with many updates, new features, and bug fixes. Not to mention major updates made to Papers for iOS, and our latest addition to the Papers family: Papers for Windows. It has been a great journey, and we are excited to have major announcements for all versions of Papers, for Mac, iOS, and PC.

Ready for a close-up: Papers for iOS
Taking your articles on the road has also continued to become better with time. Papers for iOS has undergone several updates, and recently we buckled down to prepare Papers for the new iPad’s retina display. Text and images have never been this clear and crisp, and reading in Papers is better than ever. We have made strides in improving syncing between Papers on your Mac and iPad/iPhone, making sync faster and even more reliable.

Papers for iOS has seen a lot of development behind the scenes, but where you will have seen significant and very noticeable changes is in Papers2.  We are proud to release our second major update since we first introduced you to Papers2 last year.

Loaded with features: Papers 2.2
When you thought Papers couldn’t get any better, it did! Papers 2.2 is loaded with new and improved features. We have made so many additions and improvements that we cannot fit everything into one blog post. To get an idea of everything that is different in Papers 2.2, you can read the release notes here.

Better yet, download Papers 2.2 and experience it for yourself. We have brought back all features you were used to in Papers 1, and added new features as well. Now you can merge authors, periodicals, and articles. Batch editing articles speeds up your work-flow even more, and you can hide the cover page, or rotate pages within PDFs in a non-destructive manner.

Annotations (highlights and notes) are displayed in the notes section of the inspector. To make this even better, you can now navigate to your highlighted paragraphs or notes in the PDF by simply clicking on them in the inspector window. In addition, you can copy them as citations.

Support for footnotes in Microsoft Word was another major milestone in the Papers 2.2 feature set. While we have improved aspects like this one in Magic Manuscripts, we also made it easier for you to stay on top of recent publications in your field. Select any author or periodical, and Papers can display the latest articles published in the Authors and Periodicals sections respectively. If you happen to come across duplicate authors, periodicals, or articles, you can now effortlessly merge them into one record.

Growing the family: Papers for Windows 1.0
Last, but certainly not least, we are ready to remove the pre-release banner from the Papers for Windows page. For the past two years we have worked in secret to develop Papers for Windows and we were very excited to introduce it to the world on February 14th. The pre-release has not slowed down our development for Windows. We have worked very hard on addressing the minor issues that have come up since and we are now ready to officially release this new member of the Papers family. You can import your library from Papers2, making it even easier to take it with you to or from work.

As with all new additions to a family (of products), Papers for Windows will continue to grow and develop. New features will continue to be added, and very soon we hope to support sync with Papers for iOS.

In whichever way you like to use Papers, you can enjoy your library now more often and across more devices.

On behalf of all of us at Mekentosj, enjoy using Papers!

The Mekentosj Team