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Papers like you’ve never seen before: Papers 2.1

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Papers 2.1 release

When we launched Papers2 in March we knew we still had quite a bit of ground to cover. In March you saw the results of two years of hard work by an amazing team of people.

Although Papers2 might have looked familiar, it was built completely from scratch.

The reason for doing this was so we would be able to make Papers even better in the future, laying the groundwork for some awesome features like the new annotation support in Papers 2.1 and many others that are still to come. The downside is that some of the Papers1 features you were used to, did not make it for the release deadline in March.

We could not just move around some code to bring all Papers1 features to Papers2. Because we were working from the ground up, the foundation that had to be build to accommodate some technically challenging features was very different from Papers1. You can’t build a Cadillac on the framework for a Beetle, and we could not create the features we wanted on top of the Papers1 foundation.

Although there were some technical challenges to be overcome, we promised it was just a matter of time before we brought back all the Papers1 features to Papers2. We knew the blue search tokens were sorely missed, and when we build unified search we also had to do some more work to bring back the search tokens.

Now, it is time for a new Papers2 experience: Papers 2.1

If you were waiting to switch from Papers1 to Papers2 because you could not imagine your workflow without the blue search tokens, then we’d love to welcome you to a new and improved Papers experience. Searching multiple repositories at once with unified search, and using search tokens to refine your query, guarantees you will find the exact papers you want, faster.

When libraries grow, duplications are a common occurrence. We made it easy to bring organization to your library with author merging in Papers1, and now this feature is back again in Papers2.1. Some Papers1 features are still missing, such as journal merging, papers archives, and recent papers for authors and journals. These are still on their way, and will make their Papers2 debut in Papers2.2. You can stay on top of what is coming next on our roadmap.

Aside from bringing familiar features back, we have worked on expanding the number of features in Papers2.

Annotation support was high on the wish list. If it was on your wish list as well, then Santa came early this year because we’ve made annotations a reality for Papers2.1. Not only can you highlight (in different colors!) and add notes anywhere in the text, but your annotations sync with Papers for iPad and iPhone. We believe highlighting and annotating in Papers should be faster than grabbing a highlighter and taking it to a printed article. That is why any text you select with your mouse while holding the command key is automatically highlighted. You can, but do not have to, right-click to select the “highlight” option. Equally simple is note taking: hold the command key and double click anywhere in the article to add a note.

We could go on and on about all the great features we have brought back, and the new ones we have created, but instead we would like to invite you to testdrive them yourself. Download a free 30-day trial of Papers 2.1.

Enjoy Papers2.1!
the mekentosj team