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A Papers2 Makeover

Academia can be a treacherous environment, but the promise of unexpected discoveries and groundbreaking research make it only ever more exciting.

Usually we know where we can expect complications to come from; contaminated samples, unexpectedly fast grant-proposal deadline, or uncooperative university administrators. However, sometimes the most shocking dangers surface from unexpected places. One such place can be the weight and magnitude of our library. Yes, knowledge does get heavy, and at times too heavy for office furniture.

Here is a picture of one prominent researcher’s desk as he encountered it one fine morning this week, collapsed under the weight of his library of articles.

Pre-Papers2 Chaos and desctruction

Pre-Papers2 chaos & destruction

Of course the obvious solution was a Papers2 makeover. Now, office furniture remains in tact, notes can be searched and found within seconds, the library can be shared with colleagues across the hall, and organization prevails.

The Papers2 makeover 'after' picture

The Papers2 makeover 'after' picture

Posted on Wednesday, July 20th, 2011.

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