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2 years in the making, 85,000 lines of passion

What a ride it has been, from the day we released the first public preview of Papers it was clear where we wanted to go, and today is an important milestone on this journey.

Today we launch Papers2, a project 2 years in the making, in which we poured our heart and soul and gave everything we got. Yes, we; mekentosj has grown into an amazing team of talented people that is just an absolutely joy to work with. We’re spread over 6 locations, we’re all very different, but what we share is a passion for this product and for making an awesome user experience.

Will Papers2 be perfect, absolutely not, will it do everything you have wished for, absolutely not. But you can bet we’ll give it our everything to make it so in the time to come. Above all we hope that despite the glitches, bugs, and missing features, what shows through is that Papers2 represents the next step in this incredible story.

Enjoy Papers2!
the mekentosj team

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2011.
  • Vero:

    What a great video ! The protagonist looks like such a good actor !

  • Hamish:

    Haha, great video. Congratulations guys, I am really looking forward to being blown away!

  • Michael Flower:

    Wonderfully done. A superb piece of software. Well done and…congratulations. I’m anticipating a great ride ahead.

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