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Papers for iOS 1.9.2 & Papers for Mac 1.9.7

We’re happy to announce the availability of Papers for iOS 1.9.2 in the App Store! This newest release introduces some exciting new features which we thought you might want to see in action. Namely, we’ve added support for PDF hyperlinks, as well as for Table of Contents and improved the workflow with library proxies. Papers for Mac has also been updated to version 1.9.7.

PDF hyperlinks

Many research papers and book PDFs include links within the document, and links to outside resources. New to Papers for iPad 1.9.2, you can follow these links simply by tapping on them, for instance to jump to a figure that is referenced in the text, or to the bibliography. You can also follow links to outside documents. In the below screenshot, the “Supplemental Materials and Methods” link has just been tapped. Papers lets you view the linked supplemental material web page link either in Safari, or directly within the app. Links can also point to other research papers, and Papers naturally creates you a new reference entry for each link you follow, and lets you download the PDF for it similarly as you are used to. Navigating research literature has never been this easy!

Hyperlink support in Papers for iPad

Table of Contents

Some PDF documents also include a Table of Contents. New to version 1.9.2, you can access it using Papers (see screenshot below). A “Go to Page” function is now also included.

PDF Table of Contents supported in Papers for iPad 1.9.2

Login / Authenticate

Accessing journals that require authentication can be tricky when you’re outside an institutional network which grants you access to content. Sometimes you come across research paper links that cannot be recognised by your library proxy. We now improve your workflow in these situations by introducing a “Login / Authenticate” function, similar to what is already available in Papers for Mac. The two screenshots below demonstrate this new function:

Login / Authenticate (before)

After tapping the “Login/Authenticate” button and entering your username and password for the proxy, you can get access to the full-text PDF (tap the PDF link to download the document):

Login / Authenticate (after)

Release notes

You’ll find a complete change log below, including both new features and bug fixes.┬áIf you come across any issues, please contact us.

New features:

  • Hyperlink support for PDFs: follow links in the document, or to outside URLs such as web pages or other publications.
  • Table of Contents support for PDFs. You’ll find it as a tab in the Bookmarks view.
  • A “Go to page” function included in the Table of Contents tab.
  • Added a “Login/Authenticate” option in the address bar, which lets you reload the current page through the EZProxy. This issimilar to the Login/Authenticate function in Papers for Mac.
  • You can log into iDisk using either your username or email address.

Other improvements from version 1.9.1:

  • Improved stability and performance with large PDFs.
  • Improved stability with PDFs which do not conform strictly to the specification.
  • Improved document loading speed.- Settings view: keyboard handling improved such that the EZProxy URL field is shown correctly.
  • Fixed the issue whereby the navigation bar would disappear after syncing on the iPad.- Correct handling of text encoding in Google Scholar results: languages with such as Russian, Korean.

Papers for Mac has also been updated to Version 1.9.7!

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2011.

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