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June 25th, 2014

Today we released our latest update for Papers 3 for Mac – featuring improvements when matching papers in your library, and several stability and usability improvements!

Being able to match against papers in your library is an important part of the Papers 3 experience, and our development team has been working hard over the last few weeks in order to improve that experience by allowing users to match against multiple papers in your library simultaneously. This new feature is available in the latest Papers 3 update release via the existing Paper -> Match… menu option, which is now context-sensitive depending on the number of papers you currently have selected.

When selecting several papers at once, the following slide-out sheet appears:

The two options allow you to either simply add missing metadata during paper matching, or to replace all metadata with that received from Crossref. Users should note that choosing the latter option will mean that all custom edits of paper metadata are lost.

Whilst the matching operations are underway, feedback is given on the progress of the matching of each selected paper from your library:

Multiple matching of papers has been one of the top feature requests of recent months, so we are pleased to now make this available to our users!

This update also significantly improves the stability and usability of Papers 3 (see the release notes for full details of all the changes).

December 21st, 2013

The Papers team is excited to officially announce Papers 3 for Mac, iPhone, and iPad — just in time for the holidays!

Papers 3 introduces a brand new user interface, and exciting features.  We think you’ll really like the changes we’ve made. Try it out today!

Better syncing

Syncing is simple, and fully supported on all of your devices using Dropbox, whether you’re syncing from Mac to PC, or desktop to iOS.  Papers 3 for iPad and iPhone has been completely redesigned as well, to more closely match the features you love from Papers for Mac. Enjoy unified search with its slick new interface, reference file imports and exports, and the much improved PDF reader.  Get a preview of the new Papers 3 for iOS in this introductory video or head over to the iTunes app store to get it now.

Get focused

Papers 3 helps you to keep focused by simplifying the user interface — Papers has become more streamlined than ever.

  • The source list has been redesigned, containing the options necessary to browse your library, so you can easily navigate by author, sources, labels, and collections.
  • In the reading mode you can concentrate just on reading, annotating and discovery.
  • PDFs are automatically downloaded, where available, for new articles you import into your library.
  • Metadata is retrieved from publishers, when possible, dramatically improving the quality and organization of your library.

Browse your library, natively
Since the beginning Papers has had the ability to organise your files for you. We’ve now taken this further in Papers 3 with a new file browsing feature. You can view your library using Mac OS X’s Finder or any other application using your chosen file organisation settings as before (available as “All Papers” in the screenshot below), but also navigate to your PDFs via the same criteria like authors, keyword, collections, sources as you can when using Papers itself. Once you’ve set it up, you can view your library just like any other folder on your computer!

Simple, yet powerful

Papers 3 combines a new, simpler user interface with a more powerful engine under the hood.
Download Papers 3 to try it out and upgrade from within the app, then receive a 50% discount as an existing Papers user.

Do you have a friend who may benefit from Papers? With this friendly coupon code your friends can enjoy Papers at 30% off (until January 20th 2014): holiday2013.

Enjoy Papers 3!

The Papers Team

In other news…

  • Papers is hiring! Take a look at our careers page for current openings.
  • Do you think colleagues at your institute could benefit from a Papers workshop? Email us at workshops@papersapp.com for more information. You can also sign up and get notified of local meetups in your area.
  • Are you a Papers Genius? Papers is looking for ambassadors who love spreading the word about Papers! Email us at ambassadors@papersapp.com if you think you fit the bill.
September 19th, 2013

Since the Papers 2 release over two years ago, new features and updates have been shipped frequently. In the spirit of ongoing innovation, we wanted to take it one step further, and truly rethink how to streamline one’s research work with Papers. We hope you like the outcome of our work.

After many months of development, some very significant organizational changes, and a particularly busy summer, we are proud to announce Papers 3. The first thing you will notice is the new, completely redesigned, user interface for your new library of research. While the app looks different, we think you will like how we have restructured the way in which Papers presents your work.

Simple, yet powerful interface

With Papers 3 you enjoy a cleaner, simpler interface, with a much more powerful engine behind it. By taking the source list and only presenting the information that is relevant to the task you are carrying out, Papers 3 is cleaner but more feature rich. We have introduced a navigation bar at the top of the program where you can switch from your library mode to search, or reading mode, among others. For each mode, the relevant functions are presented. In the library mode, for example, you have a complete overview of your collections, while when in the reading mode, tabs are shown for the articles you are currently reading. Toggle between each one for seamless, organized workflow progression. By allowing you to focus on one task at a time, we’ve also managed to add more organization tools, like organizing your papers using keywords.

Revolutionary syncing

The new user interface is however just the beginning. With Papers 3 we also introduce Dropbox based syncing. To support syncing your library between all your devices, we have engineered a clever system of handling multiple devices communicating with your library in a way that works across Mac, iOS and Windows versions of Papers. This means that sync will now happen in the background, automatically, without you having to give it a second thought. Add articles to Papers on your iPad or iPhone, annotate them, maybe even delete an article, and by the time you get home or to your office the changes will have synced to your desktop. Better yet, make some changes to your library in Papers for Windows, and for the first time it is possible to sync it with Papers on your iPad or iPhone.

Just like that… sync is revolutionary.

Automatic PDF download, improved meta data fetching, phenomenal supplementary file handling and viewing are just the beginning. Discover all new features in Papers 3 for your Mac by downloading the free trial.

Enjoy using Papers!

- The Papers team

September 3rd, 2013

The Papers team is gearing up for a very exciting fall, and a big part of this involves some conference travel and workshops. I (your Papers Genius) will be attending some conferences in North America, and am planning to organize workshops around Papers and improving your research workflow. This is where we are looking for some help from our Papers fans: would you like to discover more pro-tips? Get some tips that may help your research or writing workflow? Would you like to introduce Papers to your colleagues? Let us know if you would be interested in having a visit at your University, company, or Institute.


I will be attending the following conferences. If your city is listed, definitely get in touch because we can easily set up a workshop while I am in town.

  • Society for Neuroscience – San Diego (November 9-13)
  • AGU – San Francisco (December 9-13)
  • ASCB – New Orleans (December 14-18)

Other areas that I expect to visit in the period between November 2nd and December 18th are:

  • Toronto, and other cities in Ontario – Nov 2-8 and tentatively Nov 20 – Dec 4
  • Chicago (tentative around Nov 15- 25)
  • Seattle  (tentative around Dec 4 – 14)
  • Denver (tentative around Nov 13-20)

Even if you are not in any of the cities listed above but are interested in a workshop, let us know and we can try organizing an event.

Looking forward to meeting you in person soon!

– Christine (Papers Genius)

April 15th, 2013

This week we are doing something we have never done before. We are offering 30% off on Papers for Mac, Win, and iOS.

There is a lot to celebrate!

We have never before discounted the Papers desktop app, so why now? We are celebrating the new Papers for Windows release, now including full annotations support. We also have a Papers for Mac update with bug fixes and improvements. Aside from now being able to highlight, underline, and take notes right on the PDF, Papers for Windows is much faster than it was before. This is thanks to the performance updates included in this new release.

Papers is now even more equipped to help you do some spring cleaning, and get your library of research in order for next term. The special discount is a one-time discount and available for a limited time only, from Monday April 15th until the end of the day on Friday April 19th 2013.

As you can see, we have been busy behind the scenes to make Papers even better. In addition to bringing annotations to the Windows version, we have added more annotations options on the Mac version as well.  On both Mac and Windows versions you can also underline and strikethrough, in addition to the other annotations options you were used to on Papers for Mac. If you are syncing your library between your Mac and PC, your annotations will sync between the two as well. To showcase the new features on Papers for Windows, we also created a short video.

Enjoy the new improvements to Papers!

~ The Papers Team

March 13th, 2013

When Papers joined Springer recently, we promised this would enable us to move Papers forward.  While we have been working hard behind the scenes to keep this promise, we are also proud to announce that Papers now added 1350 new citation styles to the existing CSL list. This means that Papers now also supports all Springer citation styles, in addition to the thousands of other styles already supported.

Whether you are preparing a manuscript to be submitted to any Springer journal, or a journal from another publisher, Papers is only getting better at helping you prepare those final steps before submission. While Papers can’t write the manuscript for you, it certainly can format it for you, in more than 4100 different styles.

More Magic from Magic Citations

Magic Citations has become far more powerful and… magical with the additional 1350 new citation styles, but there are a few other things you may not yet know about Magic Citations. Did you know you can:

See all resources cited in a manuscript

By navigating to the Manuscripts section in Papers, and selecting a manuscript followed by clicking on ‘Citations’ in the inspector window. You can now view each of the resources cited in the selected manuscript.

Generate a collection from the resources cited in a manuscript

Did you decide you would have liked to create a collection of the articles cited in your latest manuscript after you finished writing it? Don’t worry, you do not need to add the resources to a collection one by one as you are writing. When you are finished writing, create a manual collection first. Then you can select all the resources cited in the manuscript in the inspector window. Use the description above to find where all the citations are kept together. Once selected, drag and drop them all at once into the manual collection.

Enjoy the improved and expanded Magic Citations!

~ The Papers Team

December 18th, 2012

Papers Xmas gift
It’s the time of the year when we start thinking about stocking stuffers and silly reindeer sweaters. While whipping up some holiday cheer this month, the Papers team is putting together a Xmas promo for Papers for iOS.

Buy Papers for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch for $9.99 between December 20th until December 26th this year. If Santa surprised you with a new iPad mini or iPhone, or perhaps even an iTunes gift card, what better way to start the new year off right than with a copy of Papers for iOS?

Sync your articles between your iOS device with Papers for Mac (syncing with Papers for Windows is in development), but you can also use Papers for iOS as a standalone app.

If you are in the gift-giving spirit, you might consider giving a Papers2 for Mac or PC to a friend. Papers complements New Years resolutions to finally put some order in anyone’s research library, making it an excellent gift for collaborators.

When you decide to surprise someone with a Papers2 license as a gift this Christmas, we will send you your gift-serial with a digital postcard to pass on to the lucky recipient (making it more ‘gift-like’).

Papers2 is the gift that keeps on giving, with a more organized research library, the power of annotations, and Magic Citations. Now that you will both be using Papers, you can also collaborate more easily using Papers Livfe. Even better, Papers is the gift that doesn’t require any gift wrap!

If you are already using and loving Papers2, why not share the love and gift Papers as a Christmas present this year? You can do so by following this link.

Papers for iOS will be available at the promotional price for a limited time only, and is available from the iTunes store.

~ Happy Holiday from the entire Papers team!

November 5th, 2012

A little more than 5 years ago Papers was born in between Alex’s PhD and postdoc. It was a simple application designed to do one thing very well: organize your scientific PDFs, in a way very similar to how iTunes organizes your music files. But like iTunes, we have steadily grown Papers to do much more. And with each new version of the program, we realize how much more we could do, and what potential Papers has to help researchers even more.

But there is only so much a small team like ours can do, and a day really only has 24 hours. It hurts having to say no to really good ideas, or having to delay new releases when other things demand priority.

With the increasing user base, the demands on our small team continue to grow. We have been committed to excellence in development and support for Papers, and we have many ambitious plans for the future. The reality is that the enthusiasm for Papers from the community at times catches up with us, forcing us to look for ways to improve the way we handle support and develop new features.

While we were not looking for a partner, an opportunity arose where we could get the support we need to continue to meet the high expectations we have for Papers. We embraced this opportunity, and we are very excited to announce that Papers is taking a big leap into the future!

We are becoming part of the Springer family.

The fit was a natural one, and we believe that by becoming part of Springer we will be able to offer our users so much more: we can take Papers to the next level, but much faster than on our own. Backed by the second largest scientific publisher we will be able to add features quicker, react faster, provide better support, and open up a realm of new possibilities.

The Mekentosj team will remain in charge of Papers, and continue to develop Papers for each of the platforms we currently support: Mac, PC, and iOS. We will continue to bring you updates, new features, and support. All with the same dedication and excitement you are used to getting from us.

You may still have some questions after reading this news. We are happy to answer them at any time, and you email us. However, your question may already be answered in this Q&A we prepared related to this news.

We are excited about the future of Papers, and we believe that with this new chapter we are able to bring you an even better experience.

~ The Mekentosj Team

September 2nd, 2012

We get it, being a student is tough. To help you out a little bit in the new school year, we are offering Papers for iOS at a reduced price, for one week only. Starting tomorrow, September 3rd, you can purchase Papers for only $9.99. The back to school sale is in effect until September 9th, so make sure you do not miss it! Of course, even if you are not a student you can still make use of the sale to get Papers on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

Papers for iOS makes your journal articles and other PDFs mobile. You can install Papers on all your iOS devices. Wherever life takes you, your library can come with you. Next time you attend a conference and want to share an article with a colleague, it will be right at your fingertips. Read on the train or bus, highlight important sections in class, take notes, you name it! Papers makes it easy to catch up on your reading anywhere, anytime. When reading becomes more accessible, it is also more fun.

Reading is really just the beginning. Papers for iOS features an elaborate set of professional tools to annotate, expand, and organize your library. You can work on your iPad, sync your library with your Mac, and continue working. All your notes and highlights, or the organizing you have done on your iPad is transferred to your Mac and your libraries stay up to date. At this time, Papers for iOS does not yet sync with Papers for Windows, but we are working on it. Regardless, many users choose Papers for iOS as a standalone app and it is not necessary to have the desktop version to make use of all the features in Papers for iOS.

Whether you are reading for fun or work, your articles and PDFs appear crystal clear on the retina displays on the new iPad. Papers is fully compatible and provides you with high resolution, laser sharp, full screen reading.

Want to see Papers for iOS in action first? Take a look at the introduction video below. It introduces you to some of the features in Papers for iOS, and we invite you to explore all the other features yourself.

Papers for iOS is available from the iTunes store.

Enjoy using Papers!

April 24th, 2012

It has been over a year since the momentous Papers 2 release, and we have certainly been busy with many updates, new features, and bug fixes. Not to mention major updates made to Papers for iOS, and our latest addition to the Papers family: Papers for Windows. It has been a great journey, and we are excited to have major announcements for all versions of Papers, for Mac, iOS, and PC.

Ready for a close-up: Papers for iOS
Taking your articles on the road has also continued to become better with time. Papers for iOS has undergone several updates, and recently we buckled down to prepare Papers for the new iPad’s retina display. Text and images have never been this clear and crisp, and reading in Papers is better than ever. We have made strides in improving syncing between Papers on your Mac and iPad/iPhone, making sync faster and even more reliable.

Papers for iOS has seen a lot of development behind the scenes, but where you will have seen significant and very noticeable changes is in Papers2.  We are proud to release our second major update since we first introduced you to Papers2 last year.

Loaded with features: Papers 2.2
When you thought Papers couldn’t get any better, it did! Papers 2.2 is loaded with new and improved features. We have made so many additions and improvements that we cannot fit everything into one blog post. To get an idea of everything that is different in Papers 2.2, you can read the release notes here.

Better yet, download Papers 2.2 and experience it for yourself. We have brought back all features you were used to in Papers 1, and added new features as well. Now you can merge authors, periodicals, and articles. Batch editing articles speeds up your work-flow even more, and you can hide the cover page, or rotate pages within PDFs in a non-destructive manner.

Annotations (highlights and notes) are displayed in the notes section of the inspector. To make this even better, you can now navigate to your highlighted paragraphs or notes in the PDF by simply clicking on them in the inspector window. In addition, you can copy them as citations.

Support for footnotes in Microsoft Word was another major milestone in the Papers 2.2 feature set. While we have improved aspects like this one in Magic Manuscripts, we also made it easier for you to stay on top of recent publications in your field. Select any author or periodical, and Papers can display the latest articles published in the Authors and Periodicals sections respectively. If you happen to come across duplicate authors, periodicals, or articles, you can now effortlessly merge them into one record.

Growing the family: Papers for Windows 1.0
Last, but certainly not least, we are ready to remove the pre-release banner from the Papers for Windows page. For the past two years we have worked in secret to develop Papers for Windows and we were very excited to introduce it to the world on February 14th. The pre-release has not slowed down our development for Windows. We have worked very hard on addressing the minor issues that have come up since and we are now ready to officially release this new member of the Papers family. You can import your library from Papers2, making it even easier to take it with you to or from work.

As with all new additions to a family (of products), Papers for Windows will continue to grow and develop. New features will continue to be added, and very soon we hope to support sync with Papers for iOS.

In whichever way you like to use Papers, you can enjoy your library now more often and across more devices.

On behalf of all of us at Mekentosj, enjoy using Papers!

The Mekentosj Team